Kennel 'Melodiya vesny'
Black Russian terrier & Miniature schnauzer white

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We present to your attention video of the Russian black terriers and tsvergshnautser from rings

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Show :

Date 2017-06-04

Place (city) of holding- Ekaterinburg

Rank / name -

Judge - R.Homasuridze

Adam Rejsi Stajl Ferz, Adam Rejsi Stajl FERRARI, Adam Rejsi Stajl Dallas, CHernyj Sobol Knyajna Sofya,Bolshaya Ambitsiya dlya Temnoj nochi

CHernyj Sobol Knyajna Sofya, Melodiya Vesny Aleksandrina, Adam Rejsi Stajl Stefaniya, Adam Rejsi Stajl Dejli-rouz

Bolshaya Ambitsiya dlya Temnoj nochi

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